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3D Audio Visual Room


A three-dimensional (3D) classroom integrates many learning elements: self-reflection, peer instruction, content creation, ideation interdisciplinary learning, and collaboration. 3D learning allows training content to be blended with a real-world practice environment. GGH school provides interactive learning sessions that are held in the 3D room which is well equipped with an LCD Projector and a large screen, a widescreen television, a scanner, DVD players, CDs & DVDs on different subjects for different classes with a 24 hour Internet connection for students & teachers to browse different educational sites. 3D learning allows students to visualize equipment, procedures, and tasks in a unique, practical way. Three-dimensional learning uses science and engineering practices to actively engage students in science learning, integrating these with disciplinary core ideas and crosscutting concepts, and explaining phenomena and/or designing solutions to problems to drive student learning.

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