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Don’t just introduce your child to academics but also get them involved in art & craft activities. Be it making paper flowers, colouring paper books or creative origami shapes; numerous activities can spike toddlers’ interest & nurture their natural talent.

By indulging in art education, you don’t simply boost your child’s physical, social & cognitive development but also strengthen your bond with them. In times, when everyone is attached to smartphones and technology, involving in art & craft activities is a great way to spend rate time with your child.

To help you, here we have mined out brilliant drawing crafts ideas that you can try with your little one. Take a look!

Blow Painting

You must have tried this one in your childhood. And if not, it’s time to appreciate it with your kid. For this activity, all you require are watercolors, paper, a dropper and a straw. Here is how to do it:

  • Place the sheet of paper on a flat surface.
  • Cutting the straw in half for the blowing action is more effective while closer to the paint. You can also poke a hole in the straw hallway to stop your child from sucking the paint by accident.
  • Use the dropper to pour a few drops of watercolour on the paper.
  • Use the straw & blow the paint drops in various directions.
  • Repeat the steps with other colors.

You can also frame the best paintings and consider us it will make your kid happy as sunshine.

Potato Stamping

Does your kid love potatoes? If yes, then they’re going to like this creative activity. This simple process will also keep them busy for hours allowing you to relax for a while. Just take a potato, cookie-cutter and paint.

Cut the potato in half. Press the cookie cutter within the potato & try to make the imprint. Once you are done stamping the design on the potato, dip it in paint and start creating a design. You can try this exact activity with other vegetables to make your kid love them more.


Origami is a Japanese art of folding form in which you can make interesting things with your child. Be it a paper boat, bird, butterfly or a fan; you can make them all by utilising origami techniques. There is a quantity of art education websites and YouTube videos where you can find forms of making these things.

Origami is a unique & creative way to improve their coordination skills and boost their creativity. So, do try them with your kid & have a great day making interesting paper figures.

Glitter Picture

A shiny & glittery picture made by your kid is a fantastic article to decorate your drawing room, isn’t it? And all it needs is a card, glue and glitter.

First, draw a picture on the paper & outline it with glue. Ask your child to sprinkle glitter over the page. Once done, merely shake the paper, and you’ll get a pretty, glittery picture prepared to be framed!

Bunny Mask

Quite a straightforward thing to make, you need paper plates, a pink marker and a template to make a bunny mask. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Use the template to draw bunny ears on the paper plate and cut it out.
  • Take another paper plate, make concentric circles & cut out the outer circle.
  • Attach some ears & whiskers made from the card plus use thread to knot the mask at the back of the head.

Be a fun parent & make two cute bunny masks and play with your kid!

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