5 Common Problems Faced by Teachers in India – GGHS

5 Common Problems Faced by Teachers in India – GGHS

Although teaching is one of the most significant professions that bring changes to society, nation, & the world as a whole, it is yet to receive the respect it deserves. The occupation that produces leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals is often downplayed by many.

We can see people praise government-aided teaching jobs for the peace and pay it offers. However, teaching in private institutions is not elevated even for the said parameters. Teachers in India face many challenges that should be addressed & offered solutions. But we don’t talk around those unless it is National Teachers’ Day.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the five most common problems faced by teachers in India.

Lack of Planning Time

The majority of the highly-potential teachers would testify to the fact that they don’t get adequate time to plan and implement their ideas. Teachers face a lot of stress from management, administration & parents for the completion of the course. When you ask a teacher about the problems they face, you will get to understand how the time they get to plan their lessons is not enough.

Non-Teaching Tasks

5 Common Problems Faced by Teachers in India – GGHS

It brings us to the point of non-teaching tasks that are usually handed over to the teachers in schools. They are loaded with surveys, documentation, exam papers, admissions, and much more. These jobs can be performed by executive staff equally efficiently, and teachers would get much time to prepare for their lessons.

The time post-final exams & at the end of summer vacations is mainly used by schools for admissions. If teachers utilize this time to work on developing & assembling requirements for developing innovative teaching techniques, they can deliver education more actually throughout the academic year.

Insufficient Financial Compensation

Teachers are not fairly paid in our country— This can’t be said any louder and clearer. Everybody knows how many schools in India like to pay peanuts to teachers in return for everything they do. This parsimony averts many potential and skilful individuals from this profession.

Besides, the low pay forces them into extreme financial stress, and they mostly end up conducting coaching classes after school to make ends meet.

Inefficient Professional Training

5 Common Problems Faced by Teachers in India – GGHS

Every organization operates timely training sessions for its employees. But for some reason, teachers are not equipped with this kind of learning opportunity. The problems of teacher education in India are real.

Every work evolves with advancements in technology and trends. Hence, there should always be common training programs for teachers to help them stay updated & upgrade their teaching styles accordingly.

But unfortunately, this is not a common trend in India. Teachers in most parts have limited access to on-job learning programs. 

Challenges in The Classroom

There can be a lengthy list of pointers in response to what challenges teachers face in the classroom. Teachers don’t have to negotiate only with the ordeal of the outward challenges of this profession. There are a bunch of issues that need to be managed inside the classroom as well.

Students often become the most playful creatures when they are not willing to study. There are many teacher problems in the classroom, to name a few:

  • Disrespect
  • Lack of students’ participation
  • Late homework submissions
  • Misbehaviour
  • Side whispers during lessons


Although there are numerous more challenges that teachers struggle with daily in India, the above are the ones that should be resolved on priority. Our education system requires a plan. 

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