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Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory provides a platform for students to nurture the budding scientist within them. In order to foster scientific temper and spirit of enquiry in students by letting them test and verify various theories and principles of chemistry, the school has well equipped, maintained, instrumented chemistry laboratory. Labs are a great place for students which help them enhance their learning by understanding the theoretical concepts of science which are taught in classrooms. The environment and setting of the lab nurture the intuitive and inquisitive minds of the children and enhance their zest to make scientific enquiries. The teachers and the highly-trained lab staff provide an atmosphere conducive to learning not just in theory but by applying it practically.

Our teachers and staff are well trained in the safety procedures necessary in the laboratory. Health and safety are given paramount importance in our school. Students are taught about this aspect before they get down to conducting experiments. They are taught to prevent mishaps and deal with them effectively in case of an inadvertent error resulting in an emergency.

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