Ramanujan Club

1. Encourage a positive attitude towards mathematics.
2. Stimulate mathematical curiosity.
3. Promote cross-curricular thinking and the holistic development of pupils.
4. Study Maths beyond the classroom and allow pupils to see Maths as an integral part of their lives.
5. Develop a healthy interest in mathematics as a source of interest and achievement.
6. Inspire thinking, challenge and collaboration.

Art & Craft Club

1. To enrich young children’s experience, motivate, and help them to develop positive attitude to the school and life, beyond the formal education.
2. To enhance child’s individual’s craftsmanship, giving them an exposure to various types of craft and art.
3. To hold and support the personal, social, moral, spiritual, and creative development of a child

Community Service Club

1. To develop skills, making contacts, and allowing them to improve the quality of life of others.
2. For better understanding of the value of teamwork, decision-making skills, development of leadership abilities, and the gain of practical skills.

Robotics Club

1. The aim of the Robotics Club will be to support and foster interest in various aspects related to robotics; in particular, mechanical design.
2. The club will cater to the interests of hobbyists and beginners in robotics, as well as of seniors who may be involved in professional design.
3. The club will also extend support to the participants of robotics-related competitions that are held at all over the India.

Move & Shake Club

1. To enhance extra-curricular activity
2. To develop career in dancing profession for students who have the passion for dance.
3. arouse interest and enhance the children’s talents in dancing
4. To preserve customs and traditions and develop grace and rhythm through Folk dance

Health and Fitness Club

1. To promote hygienic lifestyles amongst pupils.
2. To increase pupils knowledge and understanding of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene issues.
3. To promote a healthy school environment.
4. To encourage outreach to the home and community.
5. to challenge children to take up leadership roles and responsibilities



Sport Activities



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