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Child care centers or Daycare are places where the parents can just drop off their children to a school like provision so that their kids will enjoy and make good memories in a safe environment. Here, a child is taken care of by someone other than the child's legal guardians and is generally an ongoing service for a particular duration.

What we believe in: play, sharing, fun, quality, health, development, imagination, books, individuality, variety, music, families, professionalism, practice, curiosity, opportunity, hands-on, safety, art, acceptance, trying

What we teach: creativity, exploration, kindness, nutrition, interest, manners, persistence, friendship, science, love of learning, confidence, honesty

What we do: care, help, correct, play, prepare, inspire, encourage, educate, recognize, coordinate, explain, create, respond, feed, dance, build, understand, guide, support, model, rhyme, celebrate

What we give: time, energy, love, concern, experience, care, skills, resources

GGHS has a provision of daycare and provides a homely environment to students and here are some of the features:

  • CONTINOUS CARE-It offers care from the early months of infancy through toddlerhood, sometimes even beyond.
  • EDUCATION-A well-organized program is geared to student’s development and growth.
  • RELIABILITY-day care stays open for about 12 hours to support a variety of parent schedules.
  • SPECIFIC TO GROUP DAY CARE-staff are trained and licensed and there is always more than one caregiver
  • HYGENIC MEALS- healthy and hygienic meals provided by the school to students.
  • FURNITURE-use of child-friendly furniture, play equipment and periodic maintenance is there.
  • SOOTHING ENVIRONMENT- soothing environment for sleeping
  • CCTV monitored premises.




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