Child care centers or Day care are places where the parents can just drop off their children to a school like provision so that their kids will enjoy and make good memories in a safe environment. Here, a child is taken care of by someone other than the child's legal guardians and is generally an ongoing service for a particular duration.

GGH School has provision of Day Care and we offer a formal, structured and most importantly a safe and secured environment for the children. It includes providing nutritious meals on time and a conducive environment to socialise and communicate. We involve them in lot of activities that enables them to acquire a lot of skills in a relaxed space. The activities are planned in a way that there are ample physical activities, social interactions and making life at GGHS an exciting and liberating experience.

In GURUGRAM GLOBAL HEIGHTS School, Children learn the most through playful and engaging experiences. We want to ensure Parents are confident that their child will be safe and well cared for when they are in our day care. We not only give quality care but also a safe and secure environment. Day care incharges are selected with utmost care and have assigned mentors to supervise them to ensure children are being well cared for and are handled with warmth and affection.


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