Easy Way To Teach A Growth Mindset For Kids – GGH School

Easy Way To Teach A Growth Mindset For Kids – GGH School

As parents, every parent wants the best for their children. But some of us are only too conscious of the pressures that our children face nowadays. Social media, technology & increased expectations have all changed a number over the last decade or so. Technology itself has started to have large media exposure from an initial age and is increasingly leading to a shorter childhood & lost innocence. Added to this are the growing expectations of us as parents & our focus on grades and performance in school, college & work-life which have all attached to the pressure on our children.

Easy Way To Teach A Growth Mindset For Kids – GGH School

Unfortunately, this strong focus on achievements & academic intelligence often occurs at the expense of emotional intelligence. This has involuntarily led to many children today being unequipped to deal with these inevitable failures & challenges that come along in life. We require to teach our children that intelligence is flexible and can be developed within education and hard work. As parents, we require to appreciate the value of raising children who are resilient and give them the skills to cope among any kind of challenges and at the same time grow as adults. In this article, we talk regarding How To Teach A Growth Mindset For Kids.


Easy Way To Teach A Growth Mindset For Kids – GGH School

We can teach our children to jump back from any set of challenges, not to be scared to try to escape new things, be happy with making mistakes and to learn from them and GROW. We can teach our children to be confident, strong and always hold hope. One of the most efficient ways of doing this is helping them to develop a GROWTH mindset.

A GROWTH mindset can be fully developed when you start focusing on your child’s strengths sooner than her weaknesses.

This does not imply ignoring her weaknesses, it only means teaching her to play to her strengths while at the identical time working on her weaknesses. Showing your child her strengths plus enabling her to use them, particularly during difficult times is one of the most important lessons that you can teach your child.

On the opposite, having a FIXED mindset is where one considers that qualities like intelligence & abilities are personal characteristics that do not change nor develop.

As a result, those children with a FIXED mindset may avoid challenges that will test their skills also in the process, they will never learn how to fix their mistakes & make more solid decisions in the future. This is an imperative tip for developing a Growth Mindset For Kids.

Research shows that while we have a strength-focused strategy to parenting, our children can:

  • Have greater levels of life satisfaction
  • Have a higher level of positive emotions similar joy, hope & gratitude
  • Have Clarity regarding their own strengths
  • Use their strengths to help among schoolwork, friendships, daily stress & various changes in their lives
  • Transform their relationship to anxiety and cope more generous with their stress levels

The more a distinct strength is being used, the better we become at it. 

One of the means of helping your child learn to know more about themselves & their strengths is by writing down the answers to the following questions-

  • Ask her/him to think of a time when she/he was able to overcome a particular challenge/solve a problem or did simply at their best
  • What were the strengths that he/she used in that situation?
  • Help her/him to notice & also reflect on those strengths so that she can use them in comparable situations in the future
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