2nd PrivateI School Sports State Judo Championship 2018-19

The much awaited 2nd School Sports Judo Championship 2018-19 was held at Gurugram Global Heights School on December 8, 2018 with great zeal, excitement and frolicsome atmosphere. The Judo championship was organized by Gurugram Global Heights School in association with Private School Sports Federation. 250 students from various schools and Judo academies of different districts participated during the event under the guidance of their coaches Mr. Mahendra Singh and Mr. Sandeep Pawar. The opening ceremony began with the welcoming of esteemed gathering by Academic Director of Gurugram Global Heights School, Ms. Yojana Raghav. She wished all the players good luck for the matches. The Honourable Chief Guest Mr. Rakesh Daulatabad, the Founder of Parivartan Sangh and a renowned social worker among the other dignitaries graced the event. Among the other dignitaries were Ms. Garima Chaudhary, the National judo player ( Asian Games and Commonwealth Games) and Mr. Parshuram, DSO Rewari glorified the event with their presence. The students displayed their talent in Judo, mesmerizing the audience with their energetic performances. Students of GGHS also participated in the Judo Championship and showcased their talent. The atmosphere was filled with zeal, passion and excitement. The Vice Principal of the school, Ms. Bhavna Chibber emphasized on the importance of sports in a child’s life in her words while addressing the audience. She said that the vision of the school is to increase the self –esteem, mental alertness, teamwork and leadership among the students and this can be attained with frequent sports event. The Honorable Chief Guest for the closing ceremony, Mr. Rakesh Daulatabad, congratulated the winners and gave his vote of thanks to Gurugram Global Heights management for organizing such big championship that channelise the energy of the students in good direction and to motivates them to take up sports as a profession.

Educator Development Session

A school change happens only when teachers are allowed to own and drive the change. At Gurugram Global Heights School we believe that teachers embody the culture and the purpose of a school and, when properly supported and inspired, will transform school with their energy and ideas around global learning. A workshop on “Chatbots for educators: a hands-on experience” was organized on November 24, 2018, at The WOODS, Greenwood City, Sector 46. The Vice Principal of the school, Ms. Bhavna Chibber along with computer faculty, Ms. Seema Yadav attended the workshop. The educators from the various renowned institution were a part of the session. The session included a presentation on Chatbots and the Gig economy by Mr. Shashi Dhār Bhatt followed by a hands-on session by Dr. Rajeev Tyagi. The core of the workshop was on artificial intelligence (AI) and how AI can embrace machine learning and human behavior and collaborated on a common platform. Conclusively, the workshop gave immense knowledge not only about technology but also about transformation in education using technology which will prove to be effective for a longer term.

Slum Se Kalam Ki Aur

“The Best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Mahatma Gandhi

As part of regular initiatives for upbuilding of the society, GGHS has always been into media for its tremendous work. The school hosted an event “Slum se Kalam Ki Aur” in association with Yuva Shakti Sangathan on December 7, 2018. The program was unfolded with the invocation offering to the creator Lord Ganesh. The motto of the event was pulsating and appreciating the imaginative instincts and acts of brilliant and talented students to bring out their hidden aptitude. The event was highly graced by the presence of various eminent personalities. Mrs. Pooja Yadav, the second runner-up Mrs. India 2018 was the Hon’ble Chief Guest on the occasion. The students from Yuva Shakti Sangathan showcased their talent by their cultural dance performances and a skit on Girl child which was highly applauded by the audience. The little green crusaders of GGHS reconnected the audience with the environment imbued them with a sense of ownership of their environment by Nukkad Natak and dance performance on Say No To Plastic. The Chief Guest for the event, Mrs. Pooja Yadav was announced to be the Brand Ambassador for Yuva Shakti Sangathan by the President of Yuva Shakti Sangathan, Mr. Tinku Kumar. The slum children were gifted with study material and the refreshment which brought broad smiles on their faces. The audience lauded the vision and the relentless hard work done by students and their mentors for presenting such a message-oriented programme. The academic director of GGHS, Ms. Yojana Raghav shared the vision of the school and how education is the best way to reconnect with those who are deprived of such facilities. Ms. Bhavna Chibber, the Vice Principal of the school gave her vote of thanks on behalf of Gurugram Global Heights School to all the guest of honour and promised on behalf of school to stand by side for such noble causes.

Unity In Diversity

“Prayer and the seed of faith are similar in nature. Both have nothing within, but have the potential of creating everything”.
At Gurugram Global Heights School, we believe in the holistic development of the students and educational excursions are an important part of the curriculum. To imbibe “God is one” and “Unity in Diversity” in the children, the students of Montessori classes were taken for an outing to different places of worship on November 24,2018. The students visited a temple, gurudwara, and church and learned about different places of worship religions and cultures. The concept of faith, prayers, and belief was introduced to the little ones who basked in the glory of divinity and peace. On one hand, students sat and prayed in silence in the gurudwara while on the other hand they enjoyed chanted the mantras of Lordess Kali at Kali Bari Temple, Gurugram. It was a devotional and learning experience for the students. Rendezvous with unity in diversity brought home the most basic understanding of secular existence in Incredible India.

Children's Day Cellebration

“The children of today will make the India of tomorrow. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country.” Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.
With a lot of excitement in the air, the Gurugram Global Heights School celebrated Children’s Day with great rigor and happiness all around. November 14th, 2018, a day wherein fun and frolic dominated, after the grind and rigor of academics we still remember Chacha Nehru and his love for kids. The school firmly believes that Occasions can only be enjoyed deeply if the cause of the day is put deep inside the hearts. To fulfill such idea and pay tribute to Chacha Nehru, the school planned short movie time for all the kids depicting the life of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and the importance of the day. The students were treated with popcorns with juices amidst plenty of laughter to add a pinch of joy among the children. The teachers gave a dance performance to surprise the students. The school organized a mini fair for the kids with fun games like toss the ball, bull’s eye, pass the ball, photo studio wherein students used different props and got their photographs clicked. To make the day more memorable for the children, the Vice Principal of the school gave them goody bags with a red rose and crowned them to make them feel like the king and the queens of their life.

Bringing Closure To Divinity

Giving the insight of festivities, with the bloom of colorful hangings all around and sparkling diyas, the festival of lights came alive at Gurugram Global Heights School on November 5, 2018. The school unfolded the creative abilities of its blooming buddies in a string of activities like lantern making, Diya decoration, eco-friendly rangoli making to add charm and fervor to the atmosphere. The school premise and the corridors were alighted with lanterns, strings of colorful hangings, and sparkling Diya. Students were asked to interpret “brightness” or “goodness” in various ways and how they constitute a part of their everyday life. The teachers sensitized the students about the ill-effects of crackers and motivated them to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali. The Vice Principal of the school, Ms. Bhawna Chibber discussed the significance of the festival how good always conquers the evil and also about why and how Diwali is celebrated across the country. The active participation of the students in all the activities made the day memorable.

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