GGHS Put up A Grand Show In Schoolex At Crown Plaza

Education means knowledge transfer from instructors to learners, as well as the process of cultivating students’ dynamic skills for success in the fast-changing world in the 21st Century. Gurugram Global Heights School put up a grand show for two days in SchoolEx at Crown Plaza, Gurugram. During the Expo, the visitors had access to information on world class infrastructure and activities offered by the school. A wide variety of learning methodologies from traditional to alternative were represented to ensure that parents can find the school best suited to their child. Children were involved in various hands on fun activities such as clay moulding, picture composition, building blocks, friendship band making, tangrams etc. that harnessed creativity among the children. Broad smiles were captured in GGHS photo booth. Overall it was a rocking show and visitors appreciated the efforts of the management and the teachers.

Back To School

“Play is the highest form of Research” Albert Einstein.

The silence in the GGHS campus was shattered with the chirping of excited students as the school gates opened after a long summer vacations. Students were thrilled, excited and ready to go. Every student was warmly welcomed by their respective class teacher by their sunny smiles. The session started with skills developing and fun filled activities where children couldn’t resist to participate. The students had come back fresh, well rested and full of excited stories of their vacations. Teachers interacted with the children, asked questions and made suggestion to enhance their learning.

Mothers Day Celebration In School

Someone rightly said “I can imagine no heroism greater than motherhood”. GGHS celebrated the spirit of motherhood on this Mothers day where our students expressed their love to all the lovely mothers, by their beautiful performances and fun filled activities specially planned for them. Students prepared creative handmade cards , pretty jewellery for their mothers which their moms absolutely loved and will cherish for a life time. The day was filled with fun activities like Dance for Mom, Cooking without fire, Team Sports etc and they all had a splendid time making and doing things together. It was a delight watching the super enthusiastic moms and our students performing together. Grand Parents shared with us their joy and blessed the school with their love and warmth.

Earth Day Celebration

“The earth has music for those who listen.”-William Shakespeare” Earth Day has grown into a global celebration that focuses on educating people about environmental issues and raising awareness of what can be done to conserve the earth.Gurugram Global Heights School came up with the activities for Earth Day to help push environmental issues into spotlight. It was a great week to showcase environmental education, highlight efforts to green the school and engage the whole student community in making a difference.The tiny tots collectively participated in doing the beautiful craft work based on Earth Day. The aim of such activities was to make each student realize to be proactive.The students danced on the tune of “This is our Earth”. A poster making event was also held, wherein students participated enthusiastically. The posters were beautifully crafted with flowery writings and catchy slogans.Children also participated in creative activities like slogan writing, poster making and creative writing displaying their artistic and linguistic skills while showcasing their awareness about conserving natural resources.To mark this day and to emphasize upon the need to save trees, all the children along with the teachers went for Plantation drive. Speaking on the occasion Academic Director Ms. Yojana Raghav said ‘The Earth Day celebration offers opportunities to both teach about the issue and make a tangible environmental impact. She said ‘Together we can make everyday Earth Day and each one of us can make a difference’.

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