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“Sometimes, You Need to Step Outside, Get Some Air and Remind Yourself of Who You Are and who you want to be.”

Picnics and outings are a way to unwind and rejuvenate ourselves and provide us with an opportunity to reverberate enthusiasm and positivity which is vital to ensure our regular routines to fall in place.
As a part of the overall development of students and giving them exposure to natural life, different culture, and ethnic village setup, Gurugram Global Heights School organized an excursion to Surajgarh Farms, “A Village in the City.”
On January 29, 2019. The students also enjoyed Archery, Air Gun, Dart Shooting, Trampoline, Tug of War, Burma Bridge etc.
The students enjoyed a huge array of attractions that include village bazaar, folk entertainment, live dance, magic show, pottery, open lawns to relax and the tempting Rajasthan cuisine.
They experienced the leisurely ride of a camel’s gait. This was one of a kind of experience for most of the students who have had no such exposure to this kind of a mix of an urban and rural setting. All the students came back very bonded and happy after enjoying the fun-filled day.

excursion to surajgarh
trip to deepashram


"The joy of sharing and caring."

When a person has a high level of emotional intelligence, he empathizes with the people around and realizes his responsibility towards the society. To make students realize such responsibility, Gurugram Global Heights School believes in giving real-life experiences and interactions to its students to sensitize them towards the less fortunate in society. The students of GGHS along with the management and faculty had an incredible experience of their lives by visiting an orphanage in Gurugram – Deepashram which is home for physically and mentally challenged children.
Deepashram was established on November 1994 as a society with the State Government, India. At present, around 50 disabled and mentally challenged children between 11-30 years of age are living in Deepashram which is run by Society of Missionary Brothers of Charity Contemplative of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
In spite of fighting with the odds, their heartwarming welcome made hearts of the school children skip a bit. The Academic Director of the school, Ms. Yojana Raghav greeted all the children with immense love that brought huge smiles on the faces of special children. Celebrating the true meaning of happiness the students of GGHS contributed various grocery items for this noble cause. The day was full of cuddles and laughter and was a real eye opener as to how something as small as a coloring book or ball can make so many children so happy. The Vice Principal, Ms. Bhavna Chibber said: “A person’s most useful asset is not a head full of knowledge, but a heart full of love, an ear ready to listen and a hand willing to help others.” The students learned the value of sharing and caring for others; and the people of the orphanage.


The little seedlings of the school visited the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary on October 5, 2018, to engage themselves in fun-filled learning experience. The sanctuary and its picturesque surroundings recharged the children. The glimpse of an array of migratory birds made it a thrilling experience for children. The teacher detailed the students on the ecological importance of the sanctuary. The students explored the rich biodiversity of the area which increased their inquisitiveness to explore and learn more about the world and its different species.

Sultanpur bird sanctuary
visit to relegious places

Visit to Religious Places

“Prayer and the seed of faith are similar in nature.Both have nothing within, but have the potential of creating everything”.

At Gurugram Global Heights School, we believe in the holistic development of the students and educational excursions are an important part of the curriculum. To imbibe “God is one” and “Unity in Diversity” in the children, the students of Montessori classes were taken for an outing to different places of worship on November 24,2018. The students visited a temple, gurudwara, and church and learned about different places of worship religions and cultures. The concept of faith, prayers, and belief was introduced to the little ones who basked in the glory of divinity and peace. On one hand, students sat and prayed in silence in the gurudwara while on the other hand they enjoyed chanted the mantras of Lordess Kali at Kali Bari Temple, Gurugram. It was a devotional and learning experience for the students. Rendezvous with unity in diversity brought home the most basic understanding of secular existence in Incredible India.

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