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Things To Consider Before Changing Schools For Your Child? GGH School

Are you finding the best CBSE school for your child? Are you finding that your child’s current school is not providing the quality of education you want? Or is your child having issues at his/her current school outside of academia? If you said yes to each 

 How To Identify Your Child’s Primary Learning Style? – GGH School

The primary urge of children to learn & discover everything around their surroundings is a basic trait. Right from feeling, touching, asking, smelling, children use all their senses to get more knowledge of whatever comes to their notice. This childhood trait becomes a basic trait 

The Power Of Discipline In Student Life – GGHS School

You must know what are the powers of Discipline in Student Life? Discipline –  This is one of the most important thing in a student’s life. Students must learn the discipline in School among their education because without the discipline, students can’t be well educated. 

Importance Of Personal Development In A Student Life- GGHS

The traditional education system in Gurugram Global Heights School aims mainly to develop the cognitive dimension of the students’ personalities, with neglecting the social-emotional side of the personality. Social plus emotional competence is important for academic and career success. Social plus emotional competence is important 

Importance Of School Education – GGHS

It is broadly acknowledged that the learning procedure is instrumental in forming one’s character and the way he/she manages circumstances of life. The move of considerations from academic information to information on life, in schools, has delivered an ocean of progress. Individuals have gotten used 

Ways To Help Your Child Stay Organized

An organized mind brings discipline and growth in the lives of the children. It is important for a child to be organized in their ways to be focused and adaptive of good qualities. As a parent, one can follow these steps to get their children 

Why a Teacher-Student Bond is as Important as a Parent-Child Bond

The relationship between a student and the teacher can affect the improvement of the child. With lower levels of conduct issues, teachers with solid classroom bonds are additionally ready to accomplish more elevated levels of scholarly accomplishment among students. The accompanying guide explores the significance 

How Technology is Integrated in Teaching Curriculum

Teaching with technology can extend students’ learning by supporting instructional objectives. Quality education has gotten fundamental in the current times as the range of abilities of each individual is refreshing with time and innovation. The current situation with cut-throat competition to succeed is merciless, and 

How Emotional Intelligence is Beneficial for Students

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the capacity to distinguish, assess, control, and express feelings successfully and positively. A person with high EQ can impart better, reduce their uneasiness, resolve clashes, improve connections, relate to other people, and beat life’s difficulties. Emotional Intelligence influences the nature of 

Why CBSE school is good for your child

The Central Board of Secondary Education is one of the most reliable and boundlessly perceived boards in India. Additionally, the educational committees being the assessment parameter for over a million of yearning students, it has made the circumstance considerably trickier for parents and students to 

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