How to stop your child from bullying others


Bullying is a serious problem within today’s society. It changes students, parents, teachers & communities. Bullying can be physical or verbal; it can happen face-to-face or online. Despite where bullying takes place, the effects are devastating for everyone involved: victims, bullies & bystanders. Luckily there are many things that you can do to help stop your child from bullying others – this blog post will provide you with some suggestions to get you started!

What is the relation between child psychology and bullying?

An article by Child Psychology defines the relation between child psychology & bullying as “bullying is a form of aggression that can be unintended or intended.”

How does bullying affect children?

Bullying can have permanent effects from childhood to adulthood. If your child is a bully, learn they’ll be causing elevated damage to others and themselves. Following are ways through which you stop your child from bullying.

Communicate with them

Communicating with your child is a necessity. You must communicate with your child as soon as you discover that he or she has bullied another child. Not just will this show that you are aware of the situation, but it will also show that bullying is improper and will not be accepted. Keep your composure, avoid any hurtful words, and express your concern. They might also free up why they did so. In this way when you listen to them, your child will feel more loved & understood if you take the time to talk regarding their feelings, emotions, or ideas without judgment.

Teach them empathy

Children are affected! Teach your children how to behave by showing them rather than showing them what it means to be empathetic toward others. Read that any sort of bullying brings hurt to others. Make it clear to them that name-calling, teasing, hitting, shoving, causing or spreading rumours, cyberbullying, & all other forms of bullying are unacceptable. By practising empathy, they will learn to care more regarding others’ feelings & be less likely to bully.

Don’t shame your child

There will be times during your child may feel bad for what they did. Or maybe not at all sorry, or too proud! Regardless of how they’re feeling regarding the situation, however, it’s necessary to keep them from being shamed by you. Acknowledge that bullying is a complicated and emotionally charged issue on both sides. So do not publicly shame them or harshly punish them. Rather talk about the reality & give them a strict lecture.

Teach them how to handle disagreements

As a parent, you require to teach kids that there are many techniques for resolving conflicts and it is essential not only what the right choice maybe but also to understand why several people might choose otherwise in the same situation

Final thoughts

Bullying has been constantly irritating many people. Through various programs are being implemented, it still hasn’t been coming under control. With a short act at home, you can shape the lives of children. You should take it upon yourself to prevent your child from bullying because a difference at home is a change in society.

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