Importance of Art and Craft for Students – GGHS

Importance of Art and Craft for Students – GGHS

Art and craft for kids play an essential role in their early education and their value can be calculated from the fact that it has emotional, physical, cognitive & learning benefits. Whether it’s sculpting models out of clay or colouring with crayons, making origami shapes from paper or creating a handmade birthday card, art & craft activities deliver numerous benefits with a creative outlet.

Schools in India are increasingly emphasizing ‘out-of-the-box’ learning by introducing art & craft for kids as a part of their curriculum & are ensuring that the students gain ample opportunities for social, cognitive & physical development. Besides inculcating a profound sense of self-belief, decision-making, memory & confidence, creative art & craft ideas for kids nurture the innovative spark & creativity among them. It also encourages their interest and helps them grow their creative skills.

Here are some explanations why art & craft for kids should be a ‘must-have’ for all schools and parents:

Maths Concepts:

  • Art and craft ideas & activities reinforce math concepts like reasoning, analytical skills, problem-solving skills, addition, removal, measurement, & spatial awareness. They not only create these skills in young students in a playful way but also massage the curiosity of the young minds. As children learn to assess shapes, and sizes, cut things or create them, they use these skills to improve their concept learning.
Importance of Art and Craft for Students – GGHS

Fine Motor Skills:

  • Art & craft activities focus on fine motor skills in children as they test with a variety of fabrics, materials, colours & other things of all shapes & sizes and learn about their surroundings. 

Helps in socializing:

  • An art class gives a child the chance to interact and socialize with other children with matching interests. Learning from others and sharing their creative thoughts can help make a child’s vocabulary as well.

Quality time with family:

  • It’s a wonderful way to engage with parents, grandparents & extended family as little minds communicate their ideas to their elders, and seek their participation & help. It not only strengthens the bond between children & their families but also makes a repository of some artwork & memories.
Importance of Art and Craft for Students – GGHS

Increases dexterity:

  • A child’s agility and dexterity can be improved through arts and crafts. In addition to enhancing the student’s fine motor skills, art & craft also enhance manual dexterity, speed & artistic ability.

Enhances innovation and creative ability:

  • To encourage innovation, children should have the chance to create whatever they enjoy. And the ability to think & solve problems he or she might face while making something improves creativity.

At Gurugram Global Heights School, arts & craft is a crucial part of the curriculum. The goal is to make a wholesome learning environment for children that will help them grow their talents, hone their skills & achieve important developmental milestones.

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