Know The Importance Of Leadership Skills – GGHS

Know The Importance Of Leadership Skills – GGHS

Today’s rapidly transforming world requires leaders who walk the talk, not just by their speech or elaborate strategies, but show actions that can be estimated by the impact on people around them. The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, educational institutions like schools must instil the seeds of leadership skills in young learners & tell them the importance of leadership. The schools should also nurture them into being future leaders who can and will make a distinction for future generations.

Now, if we talk regarding what are qualities of a good leader, the latter is defined by some important traits such as an able communicator, who is confident, credible, bold, and a compassionate individual. These lifelong skills are key cornerstones to any future career, community & progress of every nation on the planet.

How to encourage students to be fair leaders & enhance their leadership skills

Know The Importance Of Leadership Skills – GGHS

While teachers can hone the leadership skills of students, they should encourage administration action via a series of activities like setting up a hobby club, affecting students in after-school activities & volunteer work both inside & outside the school. This includes help with the school library, helping underprivileged sections, and numerous other activities.

The most suitable mentor or coaches are the teachers who can teach students the traits of a leader as they show by example in the way they act, speak, and behave. They lead their students through challenging activities and training. Some of the methods to teach students leadership qualities are enclosed below:

Time management skills:

 The ability to plan things & accomplish tasks on time is a huge learning and a habit to be treasured for young listeners. Teachers can help them by delivering tasks, encouraging students to draw up lists & prioritize things by setting time frames against them and keeping a journal to track their progress


 Using the right words orally, in writing and through positive body language is another significant skill to teach students. Transparent communication not only helps in creating an ambience of trust but also teaches students to value others and be more collaborative, adaptive and flexible.

Taking initiatives and decision-making:

 Right or wrong, the true mark of a true leader is when he can take decisions at the right time or opportunity to achieve a goal/task with his team or for the welfare of his people. Teachers can help their students by enabling them to identify opportunities, think about what the result of their decision in different situations would be & weigh both sides of the coin before reaching any conclusion


 The art of connecting with others around oneself thoroughly and transparently is a lifelong skill that is attached to ensure success. Social connections & collaboration with others can not only help surmount challenges but can also overcome difficult situations. This also encourages students into peer learning wherein they can learn important lessons from the experience of their peers. We at Gurugram Global Heights School aim to nurture resilient, holistic, empathetic & lifelong learners in a multi-cultural environment, for a tolerable future.


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