The Middle School comprises of grades 6 to 8 and prepares the students to appear for “CBSE” exams at the end of grade 10 successfully. The School offers a prudent mix of Scholastic and Foundational Domains that are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, there is a seamless integration between the two to ensure that the students are acquiring the concepts, skills, and application along with art appreciation, sports, fitness, and tech mastery to become good citizens who are aware of their rights, responsibilities, laws, and governance to contribute meaningfully to the community. The students are encouraged to strengthen their attributes, values, and beliefs to develop their Learner Profile further.
Every student is expected to study the following subjects:
o English
o Second Language-Hindi
o Third Language- French/ Sanskrit
o Social Science
o Science
o Mathematics
The Foundational Domains are also an integral part of the academic framework and comprise of:
o Performing art/ visual art
o Community clubs
o Physical Education
o “Clubs & Societies
o Tech Integration

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