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Outdoor learning is almost crucial for the comprehensive growth of a student. Be it in a kind of vocational activities or even recreational activities before-mentioned as picnics or school trips. 

Here we attempt to cover the advantages of education & learning outside of the classroom, also how it can open the doors of unexplored opportunities and a learning environment that is interesting as well as growth-oriented.

Helps in Controlling the Anxiousness in Students

The obvious benefit that the students learn from outside classes is a breath of fresh air. Stress these days is common amongst all ages. In today’s environment, the studies show us that the stress level amongst students is growing day by day, which often remains unnoticed. 

However, we have been changing our approaches towards students, & outdoor education work as an energy sponsor for students. The students get a rest from the mundane & see things from a strange and new perspective. Also, their sharp skills improve and they feel restored along with learning new things. Behavioral research has shown that the natural environment can have a very severe effect on the overall presentation of the students. 

It promotes positive mental health & also boosts the holistic development of the students.

 At the Gurugram Global Heights School, we strive to inculcate life skills in our students into experiential learning. We take them on trips and outings where they learn immediately through their own experience.

Aiding the Concentration

It is pleasant to understand that being outside really boosts students’ concentration. Several studies state that learning received within an outside environment can have a positive influence on different elements of students’ overall performance including academics & extracurricular activities.

 Not only this, the outside environment improves the ability of students to concentrate for a longer period and maintain the grasped knowledge and information. Learning in an outside environment inspires the interest of the learner in everything that is happening taught, as it allows them to connect the information to images, memories, & personal experiences. 

Smart and Street Smart

An outdoor curriculum to a general classroom curriculum enables the students to have an enhanced connection with the information that is being imparted to them. 

Their imagination can become as creative as they need and relate their learnings with working experiences in the outside world.

Our tours to the natural environments like that biodiversity park, zoo, and nursery help the students get more familiar with nature and travel its richness. Similarly, a trip to the planetarium assists them to understand the science of nature even more closely.

Such trips make the academic subjects more interesting & engaging that not only growing focus and participation. It makes the students more inquisitive, which enhances their overall personality. A good academic score complemented with a clear-eyed attitude can help in winning over complex situations.

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