Tips for Effective Time Management in School

Introduction: Time management plays a crucial role in academic success and personal development. Students at Guru Gram Global Heights School can benefit greatly from practising effective time management strategies. By optimizing their time, students can balance their academic responsibilities, extracurricular activities, and personal life, leading 

Why it’s Time to Bring Back Art and Craft? GGHS

Be it colouring with crayons or folding paper to create origami designs; there are many school art & craft activities that allow students to examine their artistic potential. Art and craft as the subject is often sidelined in the formal education set-up & is rapidly 

Amazing Benefits of Summer Camp for Your Child – GGHS

In an era where even kids are heavily involved in the digital world, summer camp activities can be the ideal escape. Along with academic learning, educational activities for kids are an important part of their development that you must not let them miss out on. 

Elements to look for while choosing a preschool for children

We know that a preschool for children makes a tremendous difference in a child’s life. But is play school necessary for your child? Yes, it is necessary as early care is essential to have the right kind of influence that defines their life ahead. Choosing 

Teaching Creative Writing Skills – GGHS

Writing is one of the most important methods of communication & it is a critical tool for education. As parents, we strive to provide a holistic & balanced upbringing for our children. However, in addition to creating a supportive environment at home & school, we 

7 Ways to Make Your Child an Early Reader

Many parents want to grow a successful, independent children. Everyone has different ideas regarding what “successful” and “independent” mean. But one thing that most people agree on is that children who read well choice go far in life. Early reading can be as simple as 

Primary School Sports Education – Need of the Hour: GGHS

The value of sports education was never more emphasized than it is now. Primary school sports plus games are an integral aspect of overall child education & have begun to attain due importance. Participation in primary school sports & games is crucial, especially in a 

Why Homework Should Be Balanced For Students – GGH School

Teachers teach students in the classroom or nowadays online via video conferencing, teachers are a bit unsure of how much students can understand the lesson so to obtain out the teacher assigns homework to the students on the identical topic & asks them to complete 

The Power Of Discipline In Student Life – GGHS School

You must know what are the powers of Discipline in Student Life? Discipline –  This is one of the most important thing in a student’s life. Students must learn the discipline in School among their education because without the discipline, students can’t be well educated. 

Ways To Help Your Child Stay Organized

An organized mind brings discipline and growth in the lives of the children. It is important for a child to be organized in their ways to be focused and adaptive of good qualities. As a parent, one can follow these steps to get their children 

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