S No.PositionBase GroupHouseName
1Head Girl  1oIvanLavieshka Khanna
2Head Boy           9                      Ivan                       Bharat Singh Bhati
3Sports Captain           9                      Ellis                       Roodransh Siwach
4Vice Sports Captain           8                      Emery                       Digvijay Singh
5Cultural Head           8                      Ivan                       Trisha Sawant
6Cultural Head           7                      Emery                       Adwait Srivastava
7House Captain          10                      Ellis                       Bhumika Sharma
8House Captain   10EllisMaitreya Kaushal
9House Captain           9                      Emery                        Bhumika Sharma
10House Captain           9   Emery         Hardik Singh Bhadoria
11House Captain           9                        Lillian                        Mehak Verma
12House Captain           8                       Lillian                        Akshit Kumar
13House Captain           8                        Ivan                        Urvi Khanna
14House Captain           7                        Ivan                        Rishabh Sharma

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”.

The Investiture Ceremony is one of the momentous occasions when the school entrusts hope, faith,
and the mantle of responsibility to the newly appointed school council members.
The prefectorial system consists of a Head Boy, Head Girl, Sports Captain, Vice Sports Captain,
Cultural Head, and House Captains for bestowing definite responsibilities and playing a significant
role in the organization of numerous activities of schools life and are recognized as young leaders of
public opinion. Therefore they shall go forth with an indomitable spirit to meet the challenges of the
future and be proud GGHSians forever.

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