Tips for parent child communication

Communication is the key ingredient for a healthy and deeply satisfying relationship. It is the engine of social relationship that depends on the quality of the relationship. This applies specifically to connections among parents and children. Parenting can be more enjoyable when a positive parent-child relationship is established.

Healthy communication between a parent and the toddler or a teenager not only builds self-esteem but also develops mutual respect among each other. Communication between parents and children is not necessarily difficult but requires certain skills, availability, and time. The more the parents communicate with the children, the more the children will improve their communication abilities and will relate better to the people around them.

Ways to communicate positively with toddlers/teenagers

  • Try and understand how your child communicates

Regardless of whether your kid is open or calm, what’s significant is that they feel just as they can come to you as their parent for anything. It is important for the parent to come down to their children’s level so as to make them more comfortable.  Becoming acquainted with the manner by which your kid imparts can assist you with understanding how best to interface with them.

  • Maintain a strategic distance from Lectures

If you have a feeling that you’ve reached a saturation point in a discussion, put it in a safe spot for a smidgen. Consider what it is that you truly need your youngster to comprehend and how your kid will best hear what you need to state next time you talk.

  • Tune in Up

Listening is a skill that must be learned and practiced. Being an attentive person when addressing your youngster is a significant ability to rehearse. Give them your complete consideration during your discussions, giving them that you’re keen on what they need to state. Be as courteous to your child as you would be to your best friend. This incorporates looking and leaving diverting things.

  • Disclose to Positive Stories

The best way to have a healthy relationship is to share all the good things you have, especially empowering stories that can have a huge educational value.  You should not hesitate to share stories with your kid, however, just offer stories that fill a positive need. Consider your kid’s age and development level before sharing anything with them, as to guarantee that they will accurately comprehend its purpose.


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