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Top Different Types Of Learning Styles

No one learning style fits all students, every student has their own strategy that helps them to remember information more efficiently while studying. Some kids learn while they take notes; some make diagrams; some choose to listen to the teacher attentively, etc.

Let’s look at the top different types of learning styles

It is a studied & proven fact that scientists have for years tried to understand the most useful ways students learn through research. 

Most people are a combination of these top four styles, but all of them have that 1 predominant style that drives them to grasp information to last long. Each of these styles has a complementary way of teaching. Now, let’s see the characteristics each of these styles entails & how best to make use of them.

Visual Learning Style:

Visual learners are individuals who like to take in their information visually – be it through maps, graphs, diagrams, charts, & many other visual learning aids. However, they don’t necessarily react similarly to photos or videos, compared to information gained using other visual aids such as patterns & shapes.

The most useful way to teach visual learners is by showing them the relationship between various ideas visually. For instance, when explaining a scientific method, it can be done by using a flow chart.

Auditory Learning Style:

Auditory learners are people who learn better when they take in information in the hearing format when it is heard or spoken. They are inclined to organise their ideas after speaking, rather than thinking of ideas before. Since, to them, saying things out aloud helps them comprehend the concept. They could learn learning content by either hearing a 2nd person or by reciting information audibly. The idea is visions should reach their ears.

Reading/Writing Learning Style:

Reading/writing learners consume information most useful when it’s in words, either by writing it down or by reading it. To them, the text is more effective than any kind of visual or auditory representation of a concept. These individuals usually function very well on written assignments.

There are various ways to get a reading/writing learner to engage and understand a certain lesson. For example, it would be most useful to have them describe charts & diagrams by written statements, take written quizzes on the topics, or give them composing assignments.

Kinesthetic Learning Style:

Kinesthetic learners are individuals who like to learn by doing things on their own. They get thrilled by hands-on experience. They are usually more in touch with facts and more connected to them, which is why they need to use the tactile experience to comprehend something better.

The best way to introduce new information to a person with a dominant kinesthetic path to learning is through personal experience, practice, examples, or simulations. For instance, they can place an experiment by recreating it themselves.

Additional Types of Learning Styles

Now that we have discussed the four most prevailing learning styles that have been about for a while, it’s time we can analyse additional learning styles which are lesser known. It is essential to note that not everyone agrees on the types of learning styles, their names, or even their number. Recent studies & theories from psychologists & experts in the field suggest that there are anywhere between 3 to 170 different types of learning styles.

Summing up:

Since the way someone nicely consumes information can be a deciding factor in their academic success, understanding what kind of learner they are is important. You can do this by trying all four methods of learning, & then deciding which one helps you remember best. Once you know what kind of style fits you, you can tailor your analyses to fit your needs.

Though it is more comfortable for one individual to understand and incorporate a distinct learning style to get more satisfactory results, it is not that easy for a teacher with, say, 15 students in one classroom. At Gurugram Global Heights School, teachers design the learning schedule such that a perfect blend where all four styles are incorporated throughout the day. 

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