Value Education: A Progressive Step Towards Holistic Learning

Value Education: A Progressive Step Towards Holistic Learning

Education is an imperative aspect of every individual’s life. The saying, “Learning is a process that begins from a mother’s womb plus ends in one’s tomb”, states the value of education. While you may see every individual be academically empowered, so few would also have important education. The value of education has grown over the years as it helps in developing a well-balanced personality. 

This is your responsibility, as a parent, to ensure that your child grows skills to not only survive the real world but also grow in it. While it is vital to ponder over matters such as choosing a career, preparing for the future, it is evenly important to progress holistically plus first become a good human being.

There is no “one” right model when it gets to early childhood education. The right model is one that is culturally relevant and locally designed. We can get inspired and ape real pedagogies and practices from popular programs but passionately implementing them in our country is not right.

Nurturing developmental skills

The main developmental skills of birth to six years are learning to walk, learning to take regular foods, learning to talk, forming simple ideas of social & physical reality, etc. Other skills include learning to compare self emotionally to parents, siblings, plus others. Children who have been to a pre-primary school confer better performance at the primary level.

Spending three years in a nursery school from three to six years of age helps the child to succeed, dependency on the mother also develops independence. It helps the child to gain a sufficient sense of security to go to the elementary school plus identify himself by adults outside the home.

  • How to Evaluate Value Education?

The important question is- how will you self-evaluate concerning value education? To answer this question, you need to find the solution within yourself. Since you have completed your education also are now a parent, you do not require your child to make any mistakes you might have made. It will help your child by making him learn the significance of value education.

If you need your child to have a moral understanding of sharing including compassion, you must assure that your child receives valuable education.

Ensure Holistic Development for Your Child

While exploring the finest for your child, it is important to stress the value of your child becoming a good citizen. You must not impair the significance of value education in this fast-paced world where everyone is running after worldly happiness & fulfillment. 

We, at Gurugram Global Heights School, place a large emphasis on value education. The faculty plus the school administration ensure that all students are cognitively & emotionally compliant.

As a parent, keep in mind what would be most beneficial or helpful for your child and take a step ahead with a suitable choice of school.

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