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ways to encourage honesty in children


Raising an honest child is not complicated, but you must work for it and show the example. It can be hard raising a child constantly, to tell the truth, especially when surrounded by adults who distort the truth or outright lie. But children must learn honesty at an early age to become second nature as they develop older.

Tips on raising an honest child

Be honest yourself 

Children take their lines about lying from their parents. If you want them to be fair, you should set an instance, even if it means revealing that you made an error or feel upset about something.

Don’t ask questions that need only ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers 

The art of conversation needs more than one-word answers like “Did you see what he did ?” & “Is it yours?”

Be proud of them when you see them being honest 

If you want to promote honesty in your child, then seeing them being fair should be a great deal for you as well as your child. When your child tells the truth regarding something challenging for them or that may have brought them into trouble, reward their behaviour by letting them know how happy you are with their candidness. This will help you a lot in presenting an honest child.

Always follow through on a promise 

The best way to support honesty in your child is by practising it yourself. Always follow through on a promise, even if the outcome isn’t what you hoped. If you expect them to be honest with you and you make a promise but don’t observe through, they won’t trust that your word is good and they’ll never know how critical it is to always tell the truth.

Be consistent 

If you make a practice, stick to it when raising your child. For example, if you say there will be no TV until the assignment is completed and then allow them to watch when life gets in the way, they’ll feel that rules are made to be broken at their convenience.

Believe in your child

Raising an honest child is more comfortable when we’ve instilled in our kids the value of telling the truth & respecting others. If we don’t believe in raising honest kids, we presumably shouldn’t expect it from them either. If your child is saying something, try to think about it rather than just shutting them out.

Make Them Aware

To raise an honest child, make your kids mindful of how important honesty is to you & why by raising honest children. Again, this is done through words & deeds and examples set by us parents. You can teach them regarding the impact of honesty and how being honest will help them a lengthy way.

Give Choices

It’s much easier growing honest children than those who think that rules & laws can be broken easily. Making choices whenever possible for increasing your child encourages responsibility & self-esteem too! 


Raising an honest child is a task that starts at home. If your child’s trust in you is solid, they’ll be more likely to understand the advantages of raising honest children & will strive to do so. As a parent raising an honest child, it is part of your duty to set examples by starting with yourself.

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