What Might Surprise You About Online Learning? GGH School

Might Surprise You About Online Learning

Some things might surprise you regarding online learning, given some of the bad press, the topic has received.

  • Attendance is up
  • Homework completion is up
  • Exams assembled are up
  • For some groups of students, exam results are live

It all means that looking forward to schools reopening, these big Grade 10 & 12 exams in June & further in the future when it comes to university also college applications, GGH School students are going to be at a big advantage.

We give teachers the tools

80-90% of teachers at GGHS School teach using PPTs in the classroom. So the move online was simple for them in that respect. For those who used whiteboards, we’ve given them all a digital whiteboard plus stylus pen so they can teach in that way they’re used to & their students are used to. Minimal disruption.

We keep our exam schedule exactly the same…

What Might Surprise You About Online Learning

Parents & students require to be able to measure their progress, plus preparing for an exam is an excellent method for students to reinforce their learning & for teachers to recognize strengths and learning gaps. In our VSE the exam schedule persists exactly the same – there’s the equivalent number of exams for each year group, and others are run online (not into sheets that are mailed out and mailed back)!

And the results are the same

Some groups have done quietly as we’ve moved online…which supplies us a lot to think concerning as schools do reopen. Definitely, any boys, in special, find the online environment less distracting and the gamification of fascinating elements of lessons really appeals to them and enhances motivation.

Overall beyond both genders, all curriculums & all year groups’ attainment remains the same.

If you believe a drop in standards is inevitable, that is specifically what will happen – teachers & students will pick up on the lowered expectation. That’s not how we work at Gurugram Global Heights School.

We invest in technology

What Might Surprise You About Online Learning

We use a broad range of technologies to ensure security, to provide students the interactivity that they love & support.

We run extra classes for the children who require more help

Our classes run catch-up classes in all subjects so those who require additional help & even more personalized learning can arrange it. Our classes are small anyway, but this extra attention plus support offers a massive difference. These students who have joined us this academic year after dropping behind at their prior school have especially found this helpful.

We support

All teachers have had great and ongoing training on supporting children at this time. Academic development cannot happen when children are feeling frightened, stressed, plus lonely. Indeed wellbeing is ever more powerful than exam results or projects. 24/7 counseling is available by telephone for all GGHS we make sure students understand that this is not simply for an emergency or a crisis, talking early, plus staying in touch with trained counselors still on good days, helps students prepare their feelings and feel less alone. These times are challenging for each of us.

We’re already planning for the future

What Might Surprise You About Online Learning

We GGHS, in the coming months, a place where some children are coming to school actually, whilst others stay at home. That’s why taking online learning working is so powerful to us. School closures are not the mistake of our children and we need to do everything we can to assure no long-term negative effects for them.

For more information on joining GGH schools visit https://gghschool.com/admission/

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