Why Creating Inclusive Classrooms Through Differentiated Teaching

Why Creating Inclusive Classrooms Through Differentiated Teaching

Imagine a classroom full of painters, players, scientists, musicians, mathematicians & entrepreneurs. Though our students appear alike when sitting together in a class, they possess talents & intellects as diverse as all these professionals. Hence, assuming that there can be a versatile teaching method, and expecting them to learn in similar ways, is a fallacy. 

The Need for Differentiated Teaching:

New age education is characterized by numerous intelligence classrooms, ongoing & formative assessments, and inquiry-led learning where the focus is on the learner & contextual teaching-learning that touches upon real-life situations. There is hence, a crucial requirement for Differentiation in learning, even in remote classes and blended learning modes. Differentiation has the following aims:

Why Creating Inclusive Classrooms Through Differentiated Teaching
  1. Adapt the teaching techniques for various learning styles
  2. Address children with other interest areas
  3. Bridge gap in children with irregular readiness levels and prior education experience
  4. Provide appropriate motivators by judging the hot switches
  5. Instil trust with positive reinforcement 

It is important to understand that differentiated learning is not about creating boundaries but about improving inclusiveness. Through these alternate ways of teaching-learning, students who have varied learning power & attention spans can arrive at a level playing field. 

With the pandemic tossing a new set of challenges in the way of students, their stress levels are higher, and their attention span is lower. These elements have moulded our teaching-learning over the past year, enhancing our focus on the demands of students. The future of education demands that we enable all learners through personalized lessons & processes, and we at Gurugram Global Heights School are ready to embrace the change. 

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