Why it’s Time to Bring Back Art and Craft? GGHS

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Be it colouring with crayons or folding paper to create origami designs; there are many school art & craft activities that allow students to examine their artistic potential. Art and craft as the subject is often sidelined in the formal education set-up & is rapidly disappearing. With most of the focus placed strictly on academics, the growing neglect of school art & craft is not unheard of today. 

It is no secret that children love to do art and craft activities during their free time. However, you, as parents, may not know about the multitude of benefits school art and craft can provide to your children.  

Let us explore the essence of school art & craft and discover the numerous ways in which it helps your child grow: 

Coordination & Motor Skills 

Art and crafts require children to use both hands in a specific manner, which helps them grow fine motor skills & bilateral coordination. Simple school art & craft tasks like drawing dots, joining lines or even cutting paper with scissors can help them create these talents faster and become more efficient in other day-to-day activities.  

 Language Development 

School art and craft enables students to discuss what they made and how they made it. It will, in turn, enhance their communication & language skills. The time when your child completes an art project, he will tell you all about the project and their crafty creation. As they speak about their school art & craft, they develop language skills, which also enhance their vocabulary.  

Visual Learning and Memory 

Through school art & craft, a child not only knows about new figures, shapes and colours but also improves his visualizing & memorizing abilities. Art and crafts need children to visualize and create complex designs that help increase academic performance as well.  

Social and Emotional Benefits

Engaging in school art and crafts can permit a child to express his feelings positively and productively. There is a sense of satisfaction with the realisation of activity and of making something of their own. Also, being together with other classmates in school art & crafts provides them with the opportunity to interact and socialize with those of comparable interests. It also strengthens the parent-child glue if you help them discover their creativity.  

Express Through Creativity 

Pursuing school art and craft has the intrinsic benefits of encouraging a child to exercise critical thinking, de-stress, explore his or her creativity, and enjoyably improve the learning process. It is essential for the excellent indication of a healthy education system.  

Gurugram Global Heights School takes art education seriously and includes both visual & tangible arts in its curriculum. They include performing arts like dance, theatre, music & visual arts like drawing, painting, sculpture & design work. We inspire our students to put their creative spin on projects & learn the skill of appreciating themselves. If you are looking for a school that delivers holistic learning, we present transport facilities for ease of commutation too. We also supply a wide range of school sports & games for productive schooling years. 

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